Mastering is the final stage of audio production. The process of putting the finishing touches on a mixed song by enhancing the overall sound, and preparing it for being listened to on a variety of devices. This often involves applying EQ, compression, limiting, saturation, and altering stereo imaging on the mixed track.

This service relies on algorithms to master your song as closely as possible to the reference track. We use the open source library matchering. The algorithm masters your track with the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude and stereo width as the reference song you choose.

It is free up to 7 masters per week (i.e. 364 per year) ! If you need to process songs more frequently, please purchase credits.

To get good results, spend time on your mix until it sounds good to you. Look at mastering like the final polish. Also don't apply any limiter on the master.

Sure. If you use the catalog reference, make sure to use reference tracks without vocals (search for beats).

This is an automated process. It can be a cheap and effective way to improve a semi-pro or amateur track before sharing it online; but it will not go into the intricacies of professional mastering.

Idealy, the reference song is a recording that sounds good, and which is similar to the track you are trying to master. Similar includes song genre, instrumentation (in particular voice or no voice), and dynamics.

Some Android phones display files as mp3 but do not actually name the file with the proper extension. If this is the case, you may try adding '.mp3' to the file name and uploading again. If it still doesn't work, you can ask for help through the contact section (send your file).

Your music and the resulting mastered song are stored for 24 after upload. You retain the entire property of the music you upload.

The mastered song stays available for 24 hours.

Absolutely NOT. We do not hold any claim on the files we process.

As of the writing of this FAQ and to the best of our knowledge, Moises.ai uses the same algorithm for reference mastering.

Use of scripts/bots/automation is not allowed by default even for payed plans. Please contact me if you wish to use this service programmatically.